Each successful director or manager knows that the employees are the basis for the development and success of every organization, and that investment in training/education will improve the quality of the employees, their knowledge and skills, implying that the progress will be directly reflected in the results of the organization.

Some of the most common themes are:

  • Management skills
Communication skills
Active listening skills
Body language
Presentation skills
Negotiation skills
Effective meeting
Time management
Creative thinking (How to get to business ideas)
Public performance
Development of other skills needed for management

  • Advanced management skills
Strategic planning
Organizational assessment and evaluation
Situational leadership
Leader and leadership
How to lead the team, and team work
Mentoring (Coaching)
Feedback - providing and seeking
Management and planning of campaigns/projects
Projects' proposals writing
Projects' evaluation and monitoring

  • Specialized knowledge
Public Relations
Media Relations 
Business plan development
Training of trainers

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When conducting the negotiations it is desirable to "force" the other side to present its offer first.

All companies, regardless of their current situation, must develop a long-term strategy that responded to the most changeable conditions in the industry.

The buyer does not buy a product, service or goods for ownership, but for style, way of life and experience which the same is presented in his head.

"I'll pay more for the ability of treatment with the people than any other skills capped under heaven ..."
                                                    J.D. Rockefeller

Customizing message to environment and ability of the customers to adopt it - causes its efficiency.

Management is achieving results through others.

"When you speak, you learn just what you know already, when you listen to someone else you give yourself the opportunity to learn something new."

Public relations are planned and continuous effort to establish and maintain the good reputation of companies and mutual understanding between the company and the public.

If business plan is to develop interests of investors, it should always follow four elements:
  • Clear definition of work.
  • Proof of marketing skills.
  • Proof of management skills.
  • Attractive financial arrangement.

Competition is the best guide of effective economic, competitor is not the enemy but most useful assistant in the business decisions.

Consumer is the king!

Consumer needs and preferences of customers are the basis of each offer placed by you as a producer!

The best sales approach is one when sales succeed.

Good planning of sales process is an important step in increasing sales.

It is necessary to invest seven to ten times more energy in finding a new client in relation to the retention of the existing one.

The more you make benefits for our clients, the more they will be willing to replace competition with our products or services.

For the final success of a product it is important to improve its technical development along with marketing of the product.

The term "development of new products” in the market is used to describe the process by which the company launched a new product or service on the market.

If basic benefits are not written at the beginning of sales text, as an explanation for the reading, visit or purchase, then the most potential customers will not even start reading.

Valid rule - "If you say something that the customer does not understand, he will feel stupid," and you should not allow that to yourself.

Every customer who enters the outlet, is necessary to be welcomed, because it is so given to the knowledge that the staffs are there to help, and that they were aware of his presence.

“Catching" of consumers during the act of purchase is necessary in order to get insight into the actual process of making decisions about the purchase.

To be successfully "bargaining", set the goal that you want to achieve, listen to the offer of the other side and set reciprocal bid.

Regardless of the amount in question, the negotiations on the price often complete with splitting of the amount.